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Aura: A dark puzzle platformer

Aura is a unique puzzle platformer in which the player can use sound to reveal small areas of the world around them. Aura challenges your ability to memorise your surroundings as you traverse the darkness avoiding the certain death that lurks beyond. With no way to defend yourself you must flee from the darkness in search of a magic fountain of light in order to escape this dark landscape.

With Auras gloomy silhouette artstyle and immersive sound effects. Aura will draw you in to a lonely isolated feeling as you cautiously pass through 3 unique levels, each with their own setting within the world of Aura.

-Echo location mechanics

-Save/Load system

-Interactive environment

Scott Thomson


Install instructions

Just run straight from the .exe file.

Make sure to turn your sound up too...


Aura.exe 17 MB